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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Apr 29, 2019 10:34pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Move To Old Time Radio, Please

Please move this page to the Old Time Radio collection:

P.S. There is one odd thing about this page, but it's not a big problem at my end. After uploading the mp3s, I changed the name of one of them. The mp3 file name that ends with 'Snowbound' originally ended with 'Snowbound-akaSkiLodge-akaTheHermitOfTheHills'. When I renamed it, the old afpk, ogg, png, and spectogram files didn't disappear.

I did several more uploads to this page followed by auto-derives, followed by a forced derive from the item manager, but the old files never disappeared. It's not a problem for the functionality of the page, but it seemed strange, so I'm telling you about it.

P.P.S. I also had some trouble with the text editor while uploading this one. The bold, underline, italic, and link buttons all worked fine, but both of the text-size buttons did nothing, neither in the text editor nor in the finished page.

Thanks, and hope all is well with you.


Hello, Planet OTR; check your Rogue's Gallery files against these two; the correct and erroneous episodes' first lines are listed on the page.

Two other updates:

If you downloaded the text-file list of episodes, the one with cast lists and trivia, from either of my Murder At Midnight pages, I have updated it with a wee bit more cast and plot information on some of the later, lost episodes. Here's one of the pages; the list is exactly the same on both M-at-M pages:

If you are a fan of Aunt Jenny, the rather muddy first episode from September 21 1939 (Molly Still Loves Bill Crawford) has been replaced by one with excellent sound quality. Here's Aunt Jenny's page: